Writing Journal Update 4

First of all, please excuse my inactivity. I’ve been very ill the past two weeks (not COVID-19, thankfully). College Updates: So, I finished up two psychology courses this week. As promised, I will be making a post of my gratitude journaling prompts as well as the creative nonfiction prompts. I don’t guarantee they’ll help your writing, but I do think they can help with mood, especially during this stressful time. My next course is biological psychology, which excites the bio

Writing Journal Update 3

College Updates: This week, I am working on a journal entry for my positive psychology class concerning wisdom. It's been very eye-opening. I've had to interview three older people about what wisdom is, and then give my own thoughts on wisdom. On that note, my two psychology classes will be ending next week, and I'm excited to start my third course for the summer: biological psychology. It's nice to be returning to my roots in biology, as it used to be my first love, not writ

Writing Journal Update 2

College Updates: I wrote prompts for a daily gratitude journal, and I will be sharing those in a few weeks to help anyone who would like to start one. They are currently for a class assignment, so I’d rather keep them offline until I’ve turned it in. Also, this week, I am working on a journal entry involving “daily hassles” and monitoring my mood. It’s actually very eye-opening to see how little hassles affect me. Update 2: Just as a reminder, I will be attending a 10-week on

Writing Journal Update 1

Update: I am now offering my services as an editor. Click here to read more. Update 2: I’m currently working on my two psychology courses: Positive Psychology and the Psychology of Aging. Just as a reminder, I will be attending a 10-week online horror writing workshop starting in June. “Dashes to Ashes”: This creative nonfiction essay is now available online! Click here to read it. “The Life of a Butterfly”: This piece of flash horror fiction has been accepted at Trembling Wi

6 Horror Reads if Quarantine is Driving You Insane

Quarantine’s psychological effects getting to you? I feel the same, but I’ve kept busy by reading and writing. Horror, mostly. Why am I reading horror during a nervous, panicky time? Because horror actually soothes me. Horror is one of my favorite genres (the other being fantasy), and the terror I feel over what I read actually disconnects me from the panic I feel being inside all day. If you’re like me in that regard, or you just feel like a good horror read, here’s a list f

Coronavirus & Writer's Block

So this was not what I planned to write this week, but I feel the more resources we have for writing in this time, the better. If you’re like me, you may find yourself stunted when you’re forced to stay inside all day. If you’re living in a rainy area like me, that stunted feeling might be coupled with a real bout of depression. That depression can worsen when you realize that there’s no one you can see in person right now and nowhere fun you can go to with so many businesses

Scribbler Review

So first off, a disclaimer: I am not being paid or compensated in any way to write this review. It’s just purely for fun. Now that we’ve got that out of the way… Scribbler is a subscription box by authors and for writers. Each month, you get “curated writing gifts,” an autographed novel, a teaching booklet from a bestselling author, an inside look into the publishing process, and a live chat with an editor or literary agent. I signed up mostly out of curiosity (partially beca

3 Ways to Create the Perfect Writing Space

So you think you’re ready to write. You’ve got your pen and paper or laptop handy, and you’re about to write the future bestselling mystery or fantasy or literary novel. The pen touches the paper or your fingers graze the keys. Something doesn’t feel right, though. There’s a noisy neighbor yelling in the apartment over, or the sounds of the Starbucks weren’t quite as pleasant as you’d hoped. Your desk is piled high with papers you should’ve sorted through weeks ago, or maybe

6 Tips to Help You Write Every Day

I took a Creative Writing: Fiction course in college, and one of my classmates said something that will never leave me. She complained about the coursework, stating that she liked to write when “inspiration” hit. Ah, the mythical “inspiration.” The truth is, “inspiration” writers aren’t career writers. If you only write when inspiration strikes, you’re likely to just give up when things get a little rough. When writer’s block finds you, you’re likely to just burn your noteboo

10 Tips for Surviving Writing Workshops

So it’s workshop day. You’re sitting in a room with a few other people who have read your work. You have their works buzzing around in your head. You have feedback prepped, but that’s not what you’re thinking about. You’re waiting for it to be your turn. You’ll read a small bit of your work out loud and then brace yourself for the comments. Maybe you’ve taken yourself a little too seriously, and you’re ready to shut down what others think. Maybe you’re a little shy of your wo

12 Ways to Decrease Anxiety (and Write More!)

Anxiety is the enemy of writers everywhere. Think about all the times you’ve procrastinated for fear of sitting in front of a blank page or Word document for half an hour, unable to put down even a single word. Yeah, I’ve been there, too. With problems like social anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and the occasional psychotic episode, anxiety is a near-daily presence in my life. However, anxiety can be fought. With the proper tools and resources, it can be defeated. I’v