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I want to apologize for my inactivity lately. I’m currently taking four college-level courses, working an internship at a literary magazine, working another job, taking a creative writing class at Storyville, and working on editing jobs. I know I made another commitment by starting this blog, but I need to sit back and post less frequently. This includes the writing journal updates. I will be making a list of future posts to look out for, and I can’t promise when the first one will show up or if they’ll be in that order. Right now, my goal is two journal updates and one regular post a month. My classes come first, but this blog is still important to me. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Future posts to look out for:

1. Review of Out of Water by Sarah Read

2. Why You Should Hire an Editor

3. Should I Go to Grad School for Creative Writing?

4. Things You Can Do with a Creative Writing Degree

5. Review of The Hunger by Alma Katsu

6. Untitled Interview

7. Products to Soothe Anxiety

Once again, thank you for your patience in this difficult time.

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