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Five Reasons Why You Should Read the Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr

Updated: May 29, 2020

Published: 2007, HarperTeen (HarperCollins Publishers)

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Edition: First paperback edition, 2008

This review is spoiler free!

First Book Summary: Aislinn has always been able to see faeries. Their power and cruelty frighten her, so she has followed three rules to avoid being noticed by them: don’t stare, don’t speak to them, don’t ever attract their attention. When a powerful fairy suddenly has his eyes set on her, she has to work to avoid him and the mystical world he offers. She keeps her secret hidden from her best friend, Seth, even as she finds herself drowning in a world of magic and tradition that seeks to claim everything that makes her human.

1. The stunning difference in points of view. In the world of Wicked Lovely, several courts exist. The POVs switch around to characters of different courts, allowing you to see sides of each one that you wouldn’t otherwise see. So while someone of the passionate and playful Summer Court may see the cold as a harsh and brutal thing, someone from the Winter Court may view the cold as serene. Outsiders may view the Dark Court as bloodthirsty and vicious, but the members of the Dark Court may see the world as exciting and delightful in its own wicked way. The way Marr achieves this balancing of many POVs is masterful.

2. The fey’s bursts of colorful description. There’s a huge difference in the way Marr writes the drab and boring human world in comparison to the vibrant world of the fey. When the fey enter the page, it comes to life in bursts of bright Summer sunshine, or maybe there’s a splash of darkness and blood from the Dark Court’s constant violence. Even the Winter fey blanket the world in soft white snow and pierce it with icy shards. The setting bursts to life in your mind as you read over the page.

3. The relationships The relationships in this world are tinged by darkness, but are also incredibly modern and progressive. Wicked Lovely eventually opens its doors to LGBT couples. Along with this, it explores the relationships between characters caught up in the human world and the world of the fey, as well as relationships ruled by tradition and relationships hindered by trauma.

4. The world Marr brings many different types of fey to life on our Earth. From the prickly thistle fey to the vine-covered Summer Girls to the lupine fey, there’s something for everyone who has even the slightest interest in mythical creatures.

5. The lore A lot of the lore appears to have Irish roots. A lot of the magic is drenched in blood and vows, just the way many of us like our low fantasy magic. Everything has a price in the world of the fey.

Wicked Lovely only gets better as you read. The opening scene in the first book grabs you the moment you read it, and the rest of the book is a quick fall from the comfortable, gray world of humanity into the vibrant, yet shadow-infested, world of the fey. With Marr’s dark and beautiful style as your constant companion, open yourself to the world of the fey (even if Aislinn doesn’t want to join you).

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