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Writing Journal Update 4

First of all, please excuse my inactivity. I’ve been very ill the past two weeks (not COVID-19, thankfully).

College Updates: So, I finished up two psychology courses this week. As promised, I will be making a post of my gratitude journaling prompts as well as the creative nonfiction prompts. I don’t guarantee they’ll help your writing, but I do think they can help with mood, especially during this stressful time. My next course is biological psychology, which excites the biologist in me. Fun fact: I was a biology major for years before switching over to creative writing.

Update 2: I have written two complete pieces for my horror writing workshop. One, I’m not very fond of, just because we had to write in the first-person point of view. This is a good time to reveal I never really write in any perspective besides third person limited these days, but I think it’s more of a preference than an “I can’t do this” sort of thing with me.

A Lovely Verse: It’s back. I have another horror writing class this year, and I plan to finish it before the class begins. Seven chapters are down so far, fourteen to go (unless I stray from the outline, which, honestly, is extremely likely).

“Untitled Paranormal Romance Novel”: And just like that, this one gets put on the back burner in favor of A Lovely Verse. I will be writing it eventually, especially after spending all that money on textbooks about Victorian times. For now, though, it takes a backseat.

“Flash Fiction Piece”: This one I wrote as a sort of peek into my own obsessive-compulsive behavior with the mail. I tend to watch for the mailwoman every day. Not because of her, but because of the mail I want to open. Online ordering makes the mail far more exciting than it should be. The character in my story has the same obsession, though she is much older and more obsessed with the man who delivers the mail than anything else. Well, she’s in for a nasty surprise. I’ve sent this out to a journal, and I have my writing workshop to thank for this piece and the feedback I received on it.

Personal Readings: Blackwater by Michael McDowell, Who’s A Good Boy?: Welcome to Night Vale Episodes, Volume 4 by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor, Thrill Me by Benjamin Percy, Little Creeping Things by Chelsea Ichaso, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, and Brevity issue 64 (nonfiction, online journal)

Finished: The Red Tree by Caitlin R. Kiernan, Clover Blue by Eldonna Edwards, Suicide Woods by Benjamin Percy

Stay tuned for my blog post on Suicide Woods and why I’m now a huge fan of Benjamin Percy and a blog post on gratitude journaling. Also, stay tuned for my blog post on writing resources, which has taken forever to compile but will be worth it, hopefully. I guess also stay tuned for news on “Lithium,” which will be published in less than a month.

Pictured above is my cat, Shelley. She is currently 16 weeks old and loves to claw my legs when she's running from Snicket.

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