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Writing Journal Update 5 (Final One)

Note: This is my last weekly update. From now on, I will be giving updates throughout the week through Twitter and Facebook. There will only be one blog post a week from now on (maybe two if I’ve got the time).

College Updates: So, I’m currently working on the biological psychology class and learning all the different parts of the brain all over again. It’s giving me some ideas for a story, but we’ll see if anything actually happens. Honestly, I miss biology a little, but not enough to switch majors in my final year of college. Did I mention I’m graduating in the spring?

Update 2: I’m working on my third piece for my writing workshop. I’m not allowed to discuss the prompts with anyone, so I won’t. Just know this piece will never see an editor. Ever. I’m not thrilled by it.

A Lovely Verse: I have another horror writing class this year, and I plan to finish it before the course begins. I am currently on chapter 10 of 20, not including the prologue I’ve written and the epilogue I’ve yet to write. I’m currently working on the relationship between the husband and wife in my story—and dropping a major bomb in one chapter that permanently changes their marriage. The current word count is over 20,000, but the goal is just under 80,000 for the first draft.

“Flash Fiction Piece”: This one I wrote as a sort of peek into my own obsessive-compulsive behavior with the mail. I tend to watch for the mailwoman every day. Not because of her, but because of the mail I want to open. Online ordering makes the mail far more exciting than it should be. The character in my story has the same obsession, though she is much older and more obsessed with the man who delivers the mail than anything else. Well, she’s in for a nasty surprise. I’ve sent this out to a journal, and I have my writing workshop to thank for this piece and the feedback I received on it.

“PMS Essay” or “Period Piece”: This essay is about my experiences with PMS and bipolar disorder, and how specialists fail to treat the symptoms of PMS while giving me all kinds of medications to stabilize my moods. It will also detail some fairly private things I’ve never wanted to share before, but if it makes it into the anthology I’m sending it to, I’ll be sharing it with you, regardless of whether or not you’ll want to judge me.

Personal Readings: Blackwater by Michael McDowell (horror, novel), Thrill Me by Benjamin Percy (essay collection), House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (horror?, novel), Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (writing guide, audiobook), The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix (horror, audiobook), Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng (literary, novel), and Brevity issue 64 (nonfiction, online journal)

Finished: Who’s A Good Boy?: Welcome to Night Vale Episodes, Volume 4 by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Stay tuned for my blog post on Suicide Woods and why I’m now a huge fan of Benjamin Percy and a blog post on gratitude journaling. Also, stay tuned for my blog post on writing resources, which has taken forever to compile but will be worth it, hopefully. Also, stay tuned for news on “Lithium,” which will be published in a few weeks.

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