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Writing Journal Update 7

Note: This is a quick update, but things should pick up soon. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

College Updates: Fall semester officially starts tomorrow. I’m taking four classes: internship, a science fiction/fantasy workshop, a flash nonfiction workshop, and a class to fulfill my diversity credit that looks at race and gender in video games. Am I excited? Very. I love learning, especially when all of it is writing and editing. I already have story and essay ideas for my workshop classes, though I’m saving a few ideas for Storyville’s Contemporary Dark Fiction course that I’m starting in September.

“The Orchid’s Crimson Maw”: This story was the story I wrote for Storyville’s At Your Own Pace Short Story Mechanics class. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and it is probably the first story I’ve written in the horror genre that veers toward the literary side. It follows a young, lonely woman who inherits a bloodthirsty orchid after her mother dies. She must continue to “feed” the orchid to maintain her wish to be loved.

“She’s Under My Skin”: This story is body horror. If you don’t know what body horror is, please don’t look it up. I won’t go into detail to spare you the visuals, but if you’re into body horror, stay tuned for updates on the story and whether I place it.

Publishing news: None at the moment. I’ve taken a short hiatus from writing while I wait on school to begin. I hate starting a project and having to stop to write for college.

Personal Readings: The City We Became by N. K. Jemisin (fantasy, audiobook), Devil’s Creek by Todd Keisling (horror, novel), The Hunger by Alma Katsu (horror, novel)

Finished: The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix, Out of Water by Sarah Read, Night to Dawn 38, and The Last Piece by Imogen Clark

Upcoming Blog Posts: Horror Market List, Keys to Revision, What to Expect When You Send Your Work to an Editor

There will be news on upcoming stories and other blog posts in the coming weeks.

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