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Writing Journal Update 2

College Updates: I wrote prompts for a daily gratitude journal, and I will be sharing those in a few weeks to help anyone who would like to start one. They are currently for a class assignment, so I’d rather keep them offline until I’ve turned it in. Also, this week, I am working on a journal entry involving “daily hassles” and monitoring my mood. It’s actually very eye-opening to see how little hassles affect me.

Update 2: Just as a reminder, I will be attending a 10-week online horror writing workshop starting in June. That means more horror short stories will be coming soon. I may post some of my stories here if I don’t think they’re quite fit for publication but feel like sharing anyway.

“Olfactory Memory”: Again, this story has been published in Five on the Fifth! Here is a link: http://www.fiveonthefifth.com/vol-5-issue-7-story-1. This is the last time I will post regarding this story, as a link is on the front page of my website.

“Untitled Nonfiction Essay”: More details on this one soon enough.

“Untitled Paranormal Romance Novel”: Thanks to Story Engine (which I will be writing a review for very, very soon!), I finally know how I want this novel to turn out. It will be an adult romance novel, not a young adult or erotica. The “paranormal” aspect involves fairies, and it will be a lesbian romance. It is still set in the Victorian Era because lesbians have always existed, whether accepted by society or not, and I like Victorian Era romances.

Personal Readings: The Red Tree by Caitlin R. Kiernan (horror, novel), Lady Bits by Kate Jonez (horror, short story collection), The Lost World by Michael Crichton (audiobook), AGNI issue 91 (nonfiction, journal), Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life 1876-1915 by Thomas J. Schlereth (nonfiction, book), Brevity issue 64 (nonfiction, online journal)

Stay tuned on my website for my blog post on writing resources and a review of Story Engine. Keep writing!

Snicket, pictured above, is a 30 lb AkitaxTerrier mix. She is named after Lemony Snicket.

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