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Writing Update Revived

Now that college is over and I’m working on my novel while I wait to start the MA Creative Writing program at UTC in Fall 2022, I kind of miss blogging. Sure, it didn’t really collect much readership, but it helped me focus. Journaling can often help center you if you feel you have too much on your plate.

So I’ve earned my degree in English: Creative Writing. I’ve started a workshop this summer that I’ve creatively called Speculative Fiction Writing Workshop. It’s for adults with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) like me who want to learn how to improve their writing and learn the basics of writing in general. The first class was yesterday, and I actually really enjoyed it despite my horrible social anxiety.

Anyways, on to the writing updates:

Weekly Word Count: 4,236 (this includes outlines, novel writing, short story writing, and flash fiction writing). I’m trying to get back to writing 2,000 words a day, but it’s a slow process.

Dark Fantasy Novel: This is my main project. My goal is to get to 100,000 words by December so I have plenty to cut. Currently, I’m at 5,241 words.

Flash Fiction Project: I’m currently attempting to write one story a week with a new friend. We’re picking out prompts each week and writing 500-1000 words. It’s kept me writing, and I get to work on horror since my novel is more dark fantasy. This week’s theme is “translucent.”

Short Horror Story: A publisher requested a story for an anthology, and I just sent my pitch in. I’m going for botanical horror/futuristic horror. Mainly because I LOVE botanical horror.

Published Stories: “Putting Down Roots” in Good Southern Witches (Curious Blue Press), “Sea of Bereavement” in The Periodical, Forlorn, “Predators” in The Dread Machine, “Tabula Rasa” in The Dread Machine

Writing Awaiting Publication: “The Day Caroline Bloomed” in 1986 Anthology, “Sweet Illusions” in Cosmic Horror Monthly, “The Earth Reclaims” in Dream of Shadows, and “Clandestine” in Star*Line Magazine (poem)

Currently Reading: The Shell Collector by Anthony Doerr (social realism, collection), Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson (fantasy, novel), Revival Season by Monica West (social realism, novel), A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin (fantasy, novel)

Thanks for reading! This is basically just a way to organize my mind, but I love when people follow my writing journey! Feel free to like or comment.

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