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Keily Blair's Writing Portfolio

Horror, Fantasy, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry

The following works are either published or upcoming in literary journals, magazines, and anthologies.

Image by Roanemermaid (Present Journey Art)

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The Day Caroline Bloomed

Horror, Mixtape: 1986 edited by Alin Walker and Monica Louzon, April 2022

Tabula Rasa

Horror, The Dread Machine, May 2021

Sweet Illusions

Horror, Cosmic Horror Monthly, 2021


Horror, The Vanishing Point, January 2022

The Witch of Smoke and Shadow

Dark High Fantasy, The Common Tongue, October 2021

Putting Down Roots

Horror, Good Southern Witches edited by JD Horn, April 2021

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Sea of Bereavement

Horror, The Periodical, Forlorn, April 2021

The Earth Reclaims

Horror, Dream of Shadows, August 2021


Horror, The Dread Machine, May 2021

The Life of a Butterfly

Dark Fantasy, Trembling With Fear, 2020

The Orchid's Crimson Maw

Horror, The Dread Machine, Oct. 2020


Horror, Sequoya Revi0ew, Spring 2021

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